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Dalton Trigg


Although he was born and raised in South Mississippi, Dalton has followed the Mavs since a very young age and has always considered Dallas, Texas his second home. He got his feet wet in the media game back in 2016 by writing for a couple of blogs, including SB Nation’s Mavs Moneyball, before eventually settling in with in 2018, where he is a credentialed senior editor and part-time reporter today. He does most of his credentialed work in New Orleans when the Mavs play against the Pelicans, as it's only a two-hour drive from where he lives. Dalton is considered by many as being the "eternal Mavs optimist" co-host of the Mavs Step Back Podcast.


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Matt Galatzan


Born and raised in Dallas, Matt has been engrossed in the Dallas sports scene since he could walk. For the last seven years, He was able to turn that passion into a career, landing a job with the Dallas sports radio power house 105.3 the Fan, while owning and operating his own two sites on Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation network. He also serves at the Vice President to Mike Fisher’s growing brand of network team sites, but his heart still remains with, where he got his first chance in the business. Matt met Dalton Trigg at DBcom, where the two decided to start the Mavs Step Back Podcast together in January of 2019, and the rest is history.


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Six Six Drew


Although Six Six Drew, also known as Andrew Bishop, was born and raised in Columbus, MS, he has always had ties with the game of basketball. He played basketball in middle school and all throughout high school while earning a state championship his senior year and two MVP awards. Andrew was pulled into the Mavericks community after becoming the Mavs Step Back Podcast’s exclusive artist and has since been a huge fan of the organization with his favorite player being the team’s star, Luka Doncic. Andrew works closely with our team here at Mavs Step Back to create one-of-a-kind intros and other Mavs-related projects that the fans go crazy for. Andrew is also an audio engineer/artist for his very own record company, 707 Records, LLC.


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